I earn more than my husband.

Today I would like to share my own experience regarding my relations. The point is that I earn much more than my husband. Of course many things depend on the situation but in my case one day it became a problem. I didn’t want it to destroy our relations so I decided to do my best to improve the situation and save my family.

Once it seemed to me that I was much more motivated and ambitious than my husband was. I became more irritated and paid attention to trivial matters. I tried to understand myself and the actual reasons of my behavior and attitude. Sometimes it seemed to me I got married laziest man in the world but I still loved him. Sometimes he was avoiding responsibility. It happened so from time to time he neglected me when I need emotional support. Well, he just didn’t understand me when I needed it. But then I realized that it was my choice to be highly ambitious and it was my choice to get married him. It was a dilemma for me whether to divorce or change my attitude to it.

I decided to talk to him to clear up the situation. It turned out that he just didn’t understand what was going on. For him at the time everything was fine. So if you earn more than your husband and it bothers you then talk to your partner and describe your worries. Some men usually fail to guess what we really need. My husband couldn’t read my mind. If you want something then say what exactly you expect and want to get. What seemed to be obvious to me wasn’t clear to my husband.

I realized that my husband wasn’t driven by money and ambitions. Family was much more important to him. I just changed my attitude and started to focus my attention on these features. One day I explained him what I expected from our relations. I talked out and it helped.

At the same time I changed my attitude to money and time. I’m ambitious indeed but it doesn’t mean I’m superior. I realized that my family was much more important to me as well and that it was invaluable. You can’t buy love and respect. I started to pay much attention to our relations spending my time with him not with my business partners.

At the same time my husband changed his attitude as well. He tried to cheer me up when I was tired. He was positive and supportive. And you know it worked. I managed to save our marriage as he helped me much. Sometimes it seems to me that I could earn more and I even could achieve much more. But what would I have at the end? I’m sure I would be alone. And I wasn’t OK with it. We agreed to do some things together. Previously I took vacations when it was convenient to me not taking into account my husband. Well, I was selfish. Now we take vacations together and it is the best time in my life. From time to time we practice romantic weekends which are just perfect to learn each other. Try not to pay attention to stereotypes regarding the situation. Your friends do not appreciate that your husband is less ambitious. So what? Just ignore it. It can be their position. You have yours. That’s it.

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