Carl Kleiner.

Carl Kleiner is a Swedish photographer known for his surreal images. He is one of those contemporary artists who can see extraordinary features of usual things. For example, one of his series is devoted to sculptures made of vegetables so that they remind cartoon models. In fact Kleiner doesn’t divide commercial commissions and personal projects. He is sure that both kinds of photography may affect each other. Thus if you compare his commercial projects with his Diary you would surprise to see insignificant difference existing between them.

One of the most unusual project by Carl Kleiner includes 90 portraits taken in 16 different places. Every single day Kleiner moved to another place to take several portraits finding himself in different situations. He can hardly decide which portrait is the most unusual one but the whole project in general was the most interesting for Kleiner.

The most famous project by Kleiner is a series commissioned by IKEA. This project is extremely laconic and simple. While creating it Kleiner was obviously captivated by geometry of simple forms. Kitchen utensils and appliances are set simply and neatly. Some of the images even remind graphic design. Thus Kleiner prefers simplicity and laconism to other artistic forms used by contemporary artists of today. Some of his works could be compared with avant-garde sketches, some of them look like suprematic experiments of the 20th century. The only difference is that Kleiner may use very unusual materials creating his works. Cheese, salt, sets, color paper, marble and many other materials would easily transform into actual masterpieces.

Not surprising that Kleiner is inspired by works of Rene Magritte, Mark Rothko, Man Ray, Edward Hopper, Olle Baertling, Marcel Duchamp, Tim Walker, Anne Leibovitz, Diane Arbus, Simen Johan. His own works continue traditions of surrealism and abstract expressionism. For his projects Kleiner may use absolutely everything from food on out to office supplies. And sometimes you may hardly define what materials he uses in his extremely surreal works. Alex Moshakis described Kleiner’s style in the following way, “With color, clever geometry and subtle wit; with investigative zeal and a curious, roving eye; with ideas both outlandish and easy to understand, Carl Kleiner seamlessly combines countless photographic facets to create a body of work that’s fun and clever and everything in between. As happy in the real world as he is in the studio, Carl is both a true talent and a real pleasure”.

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