Travel to Switzerland – in Search for Peace

If you want to achieve inner harmony it is not necessary to go to the edge of the world and meditate with monks. Switzerland is a place where you can relax, recover yourself and cheer up.

Geneva is worth visiting at least because there you can easily stop thinking of your problems for a time. From the first sight Geneva is a conservative city with unimpressive architecture. It can be explained by the fact that too much international organizations have founded their head quarters there. However, if you are attentive enough you will see the fragile and flirty essence of Geneva behind this façade. You just should know where to begin your acquaintance with the city.

For instance, you can look at the flower watch which is situated near the embankment of Lake Geneva. About 6, 500 flowers are used to create this masterpiece of landscape design, and every season the pattern is changed. Old Town also presents interesting place for walks. Here you can observe the citizens having rest in the park. Near the park you can find the longest wooden bench in the world which is 140 meters long.

From Geneva you can go to Lucerne by panoramic train Goldenpass which allows you to observe Alpine sceneries while traveling. Lucerne is one of the oldest cities of Switzerland which is situated practically in the center of the country. Here you can admire bright pictures on the facades of the building, observe the swans from the bridges and breathe in the fresh air from the lake. You can also visit the gallery of Angela Rosengard who has created the collection of pictures and personal photographs of Pablo Picasso. In this place you will fall in love with the creations of this master for sure. Lucerne is a city of oblivion, cozy and hospitable like the scenery of green Alpine fields.


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