San Marino

The tiny state San Marino is one of the smallest one s in the world except Monaco and Vatican. It is hard to believe that there are such small countries on our planet. Though they are ridiculously tiny they still have their own national army, government, post stamps and other attributes of a real state. But their size is compatible to the size of the one single district of the major American cities. San Marino is the oldest country in Europe. It was founded in the beginning of the fourteenth century on the north of Italy. Its present-day population is less than 32 thousand people. But that fact doesn’t prevent the country to have the government revenue per head of 50 000 USD a year.

The powerful army counting 80 or 100 soldiers defends the borders of San Marino. There is no any obligatory service so the army consists of the volunteers. The first constitution in the world was introduced in San Marino in 1600. Generally the whole territory of San Marino consists of the nine castles situated on the several hills. The highest peak is the Monte Titano Mount which I 750 meters high. From the to of this mountain the tourists may enjoy the splendid landscapes which attract the people to San Marino. The beautiful nature and perfectly kept ancient castles provide the large tourist flow: more than 3 million tourists per year. The main places of interest are situated in the capital of San Marino with the same name.

The main way to the sole of Monte Titano goes through the city called Dogana situated in Serravalle. Here you may see the famous motto of the country engraved in stone:” Welcome to the ancient land of freedom”. You will enjoy the narrow streets, small squares and quiet yards of San Marino. The tourists also are recommended to visit the numerous museums and art galleries.

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