Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Game without Rules

It seems that in modern concrete jungle the rules of love game have changed and it became impossible to define who is the victim and who is the hunter in it. The social role of women is rapidly changing and the initiate in starting the relations is not viewed as inappropriate behavioral pattern any more.

In childhood the women were told not to call the men first or invite them somewhere and it was right for that time. But now, as the women became equal to men in terms of income, carrier promotion and political influence the gender archetypes are not working any more. Eye shooting ceased to be the only weapon of women in hunting for men and the modern principle of action is the following – if you want to have something (or someone) just go and take it (or him).

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“Flirting is the art of keeping intimacy as a safe distance” (Sabina Sesselmann). Flirting is the art and it is true indeed. It is difficult to learn it but nevertheless you may try. You are attracted to someone special and it seems he likes you too. Attention without intention. Well, you may move on but it is just another story. Flirting is exciting. But if you are dating someone be careful. You may simply pass the point of no return and ruin your relationship.

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