“Flirting is the art of keeping intimacy as a safe distance” (Sabina Sesselmann). Flirting is the art and it is true indeed. It is difficult to learn it but nevertheless you may try. You are attracted to someone special and it seems he likes you too. Attention without intention. Well, you may move on but it is just another story. Flirting is exciting. But if you are dating someone be careful. You may simply pass the point of no return and ruin your relationship.

Flirting begins with eye contact and smile. It is a start point. But do not rush into conversation too fast. Keep the distance otherwise you may make a mess of things. Just relax and enjoy it. Both of you would like to make an impression on each other. That’s why you would like to stretch the truth. Well, if you are flirting without intention I suppose it is absolutely fine. But if you are single and would like to move on then do not carry it too far.

Pay attention to body language of a person you are flirting with. If the person is interested in you he would “mirror” your gestures and eye movement. And supposedly it happens intuitively. Well, it is said that it is our nature. It is simply inevitable to avoid it.

Flirting is pleasant as you realize that you are attracting someone’ s attention. At the same time it can be dangerous if this someone is married. But do not take it too seriously. People are flirting to boost their self-esteems especially if it concerns flirting without intention. If it seems to you that he is too pushing and you definitely do not like it then simply say you have to leave. And it is okay. Hopefully both of you understand it.

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