7 Tips Not To Look Fat on Photos

These tips are not for the skinny 90-60-90 girls but there isn't any word about the way to lose another couple of pounds. These tips will help you to look slimmer in front of the objective lens and feel more confident while being shot.

It isn't quite comfortable when the photo isn't a group one. In that case you have no one to hide your curves behind. The embarrassment and shyness can be seen on the photo, moreover they will suppress your real emotions and make your face look strained and dull. There isn't any problem actually if your figure doesn't match the modern standards of beauty. Modern is the key word as for example Rubens might adore your body shape. But in the present-day world you seem to look somewhat plump.

The first and main thing is to accept the fact the our real world has three dimensions and the photo is a two-dimensional picture. That's why we look bigger in the pictures. The static pose and stillness of the people depicted add a couple of stones to their actual weight. But why not to turn that peculiarity into the advantage making the two-dimensional picture contribute to our attractiveness?

  • It is not important how much you weigh. What is of real importance is your manner to act in front of the camera.
  • Ask your photographer to squat and shoot you from the ground. In that way your legs will seem endless.
  • Don't wait for that clicking sound. Relax and have fun.
  • Take a small step forward and don't stand with your feet on one line.
  • Pose in front of the mirror when you're alone. In that way you will learn your best pose.
  • You may retract your belly a bit, but don't forget to breathe.
  • Laugh, cry, shout, jump ant wave your hands. Don't be shy to show your various emotions.

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